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College Readiness

Prepare for college early.  Students planning to graduate from high school ready to enter a university need to  make wise course selections starting in middle school.  Learn about the A-G requirements to ensure students are ready to take the required high school courses that qualify them for entrance in the Cal State and University of California college systems.  College is expensive, so plan early for how to finance college expenses and research available financial aid.  The resources below can help.

A-G Requirements
What is A-G?  A-G refers to the high school courses required to be admitted to a University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU).  Students should pass A-G classes with a grade of “C’ or better.  Students should work with high school counselors to ensure they enroll in courses that meet the following A-G requirements.

A) 2 years – History / Social Science
B) 4 years – English
C) 3 years – Math
D) 2 years – Laboratory Science
E) 2 years – Language other than English
F) 1 year – Visual and Performing Arts
G) 1 year – Elective