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Student Athletes as Leaders

Participation in an interscholastic program is a privilege, not a right. As leaders and as highly visible representatives of Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter School, all student athletes have the obligation to represent themselves in an exemplary manner. Dishonesty, unsportsmanlike behavior, use of controlled substances or behaving unbecoming of a student-athlete will not be tolerated. This also means that a student-athlete who is enrolled in a Physical Education class must participate to the best of their ability in that class. Willful violation of policies will result in disciplinary actions by the coach and if necessary by the Administration of the school. To be eligible, a student-athlete must have a grade point average of 75% or better for the most immediate grading period and not failed any academic classes. The student-athlete needs to complete all homework and school work missed during game days. Failure to perform satisfactory in academics or behavior may result in decreased playing time and in some cases removal from the team.

School Attendance

Team members will not be permitted to practice or participate in contest(s) on a day when they are absent from school. Students cannot participate in contest(s) if they have been suspended from school.

Practice/Game attendance

All team members are expected to all attend all practices and games. If you have to miss practice, present a note from your parent/guardian before game day or practice. Emergency situations will be evaluated by the coaching staff on a case by case basis. Missing a practice may result in decreased playing time or not playing in a game.