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Parent Volunteers

Volunteer Information

Volunteers are valued and welcomed members of the WPACS family. All Volunteers should
have the following items completed and on file in the front office prior to beginning a
volunteering assignment.
  • Volunteer Application
  • Current T.B. Skin Test
  • Fingerprints (Live Scan)

In order to preclude situations which could bring about a conflict of interest, a volunteer shall
not ordinarily be appointed to a position, or be involved in volunteer activities, where a member
of his/her immediate family maintains supervisory or evaluatory responsibilities for the position.
However, immediate family members may be employed or volunteer at the school with the
approval of the Site Administrator.

Volunteers must sign a statement acknowledging that they have read and agree to abide by
the standards in this document and that they understand that their continued volunteer work is
contingent upon signing this document. Further, failure to comply with these standards may
result in termination as a volunteer. A volunteer may be terminated at anytime by the Site

Volunteer Standards
  • Volunteers will sign in and out at the front office. Hours will be logged and monitored.
  • Volunteers services are available to the students and are based upon an assessment of the students’ needs which may include teaching, facilitating or mentoring (with appropriate credentials or supervision), and supervision of enrichment activities.
  • Volunteer activities may also include services that support the school’s needs and goals; such as fundraising, public relations, clerical, construction and maintenance.
  • Volunteer services are accepted in accordance with the needs of the school, under the authority of the Governing Board.
  • Volunteers must be able to work without direct supervision. Overall direction and monitoring of volunteer activities will be under the supervision of the Director of Leadership Development and the Site Administrator or his/her designee.
  • When working with students and families it is inevitable that volunteers will encounter confidential information protected by federal law. This could occur by overhearing students’ conversations, witnessing conflicts between students and teachers, or encountering a student with a medical, social, financial or educational problem. Volunteers must adhere to the same standards of confidentiality as professional staff. Volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality, and must sign a statement of confidentiality.
  • When serving as a chaperone at an official school event, the volunteer will not leave the grounds unless approved by the staff in charge of the event.
  • Chaperones are needed to supervise WPACS students while on field trips.
  • Volunteers will dress appropriately. (see list under parental responsibilities)
Volunteers will not:
  • be in possession or under the influence of, alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs, or in possession of firearms while serving in a volunteer capacity.
  • meet privately with one student at a time. Other students, parents or staff must be present.
  • use obscene or discriminatory language at any school event.
  • sign any agreements on behalf of the school.
Failure to meet any standards may result in the Administration or Board of Trustees discontinuing any further volunteer activity by that individual.