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Our Wilder's Dress for Success Philosophy

WPACS is a traditional school, promoting 21st-century skills. In preparation for the global world and workforce, we have chosen a dress code to guide our students on their presentation.

All students are required to wear school uniforms throughout the school year. On a daily basis, campus supervisors ensure that students enter the school in uniform and each teacher reinforces the dress code by monitoring via uniform checks throughout the day. Once a month, class and homeroom incentives will be given to the class that has one hundred percent of its students in full uniform and adhering to grooming policies. 

We remind Wilder's Prep scholars that uniforms are a reflection of school spirit. Our students represent their school, their family, their community, and themselves by dressing for success. Just like the championship sports team in our beloved city (Go Rams!) on the field, when we enter our classrooms or other school spaces, we also show that we are ready to perform by being in uniform. Go Eagles!