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Who We Are: The Eagles

“We Build the Future”
School Colors
Elementary School: Navy Blue and Gold
Middle School: Burgundy and Gold
Champion's Creed
I am a champion.
I believe in myself.
I have the will to win.
I set high goals for myself.
I surround myself with winners.
I’m cool, positive, and confident.
I have courage. I never give up.
I’m willing to pay the price of success.
I love the struggle and the competition.
I stay relaxed and in control at all times.
I focus all my energy on the job at hand.
I vividly imagine what victory will feel like.
I am a champion and I will win.
Our Home
Located in Inglewood, CA, our 37,000-square-foot modern facility was built with urban schooling in mind. The academy has twenty-two large classrooms, three computer labs, a library, an art room, an indoor gym, a media lab, a cafeteria, a photography lab, a science lab, a study hall, and a music room.
An Award-Winning Educational Experience
Wilder's Preparatory Academy Charter School provides children and their parents with an award-winning experience recognized by the California Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Education, and a leading university school of education. Because we recognize that high-quality education is critical to the success of students and that each individual possesses unique talents and gifts, our goal is to nurture these strengths while developing all other areas to their fullest potential.