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Instructional Model

Educational Methodology
WPACS’s educational methodology focuses on the realization that each student has his/her own learning style. Therefore, it is expected that common practice among our dedicated faculty is to deliver instruction utilizing a variety of modalities. We offer a solid academic course of study including diverse enrichment programs to meet each student’s needs.
The academic focus of WPACS is a strong research-based academic program with a foundation in literacy and language arts, and mathematical reasoning and computation.  We provide rigorous science and history/social studies programs that integrate technology and media. We have an enriched curriculum that is enhanced through the arts. Wilder's scholars are expected to meet and exceed the California state learning standards.. The goal is to educate our scholars using an integrative approach across the academic disciplines while empowering them to use their minds creatively.
The Wilder’s Education Key Elements
  • Determination–to identify and achieve goals
  • Desire–for lifelong learning
  • Discipline–attain all goals
  • Dedication–through a positive attitude for learning; self-motivation
The Wilder’s Education Model
  • We believe that every child can learn if given the proper tools and opportunities
  • We commit to the academic achievement of each student
  • We hire qualified staff and hold them accountable to meeting the learning needs of students
  • We enhance student performance through the hard work and motivation of our teaching staff, our administrators, and parents.
The Wilder’s Education Environment
  • Students are challenged to meet high expectations
  • Parents are required to be involved in their child’s environment
  • Teachers enjoy teaching
  • The school and parents are partners in creating a safe and nurturing environment of the highest quality
  • Everyone values self-worth, compassion, respect, service, and responsibility